Fiorra's Privacy Policy: Where Style Blossoms with Trust and Transparency

Hey Fiorra fam! We know you rock some serious #OOTD magic, and your privacy matters just as much. This policy lays it all out, no mumbo jumbo, just straight-up sass like you deserve. So, grab a chai latte (or your fave drink), and let's dive in!

What info do we collect?

Think of it like this: to make your shopping experience smooth and your recommendations on point, we collect some info. This includes:

Personal stuff: Your name, email address, shipping deets, phone number (for those "order confirmation" texts, you know?), payment info (think secure gateways, obvi). We only ask for what's essential, because who needs unnecessary drama?

Non-personal stuff: Like website visits, device info (don't worry, we're not stalking!), IP address, cookies (they help personalize your experience, think "remember me" magic). This helps us understand what makes you tick (fashion-wise, of course!).

What do we do with it?

First and foremost, we respect your privacy like the secret recipe for grandma's chai. We use your info to:

Fulfill your orders: Duh! From processing payments to getting your #FiorraLove delivered, we need it to make the magic happen.

Craft a shopping experience just for you: Remember those personalized recommendations? We use your info to show you styles that make your heart sing (and maybe your cart overflow, wink wink).

Send you updates and offers: We might drop you a line about new collections, exclusive deals, or just to say hi (because who doesn't love a little Fiorra love in their inbox?). But don't worry, you're always in control – just unsubscribe if you're feeling the "opt-out" vibes.

Improve our website and services: Your browsing habits help us understand what works and what doesn't, so we can make Fiorra even better for you and your fellow fashionistas.

Sharing is caring, but only with the right people:

Rest assured, we don't play favorites (except maybe for our loyal Fiorra fam!). We only share your info with:

Payment processors to make sure your transactions are smooth as silk.

Service providers who help us with things like website hosting and marketing (think of them as our tech besties).

Legal authorities if required by law (but trust us, we wouldn't share unless it's super serious).

Cookies and tracking: the tech stuff explained simply:

We use cookies and similar tracking technologies like little digital detectives to understand how you use our website. Don't worry, they're not creepy – they just help us personalize your experience and remember your preferences (like that obsession with our hand-block printed kurtas, we see you!). You can always control your cookie settings or opt-out if you're feeling like a tech ninja.

Your data is your castle, and we guard it fiercely:

We take data security seriously, like a mama bear protecting her cubs. We use industry-standard security measures to protect your information, and we're constantly on the lookout for any potential threats. Think of it like an invisible security guard for your data, 24/7.

Your rights, because you're the queen (or king) of your data:

You have all the power when it comes to your information. You can:

Access your data and see what we have.

Update your information if it needs a refresh.

Request to delete your data if you're ready to say goodbye (but we'll miss you!).

Opt-out of marketing emails if your inbox needs a break.

Just contact us, and we'll help you exercise your data rights like a boss.

Changes to this policy:

We might update this policy sometimes (think of it as keeping up with the latest fashion trends). We'll let you know if anything major changes, but you can always check back here for the latest version.

Got questions? We're all ears:

If anything in this policy is unclear, shoot us an email – we're always happy to chat and answer your questions in plain English, no legal jargon here!